All About Huses Country Meats

Custom Processing

We process Beef, Pork, Goat, Sheep, and Buffalo.  Please know that all livestock must be in sound condition, with no known diseases.  All livestock presented for harvest must not have been given any antibiotics; or if antibiotics were given, the animal has remained off antibiotics for the required withdrawal period according to the manufacture's label.  All livestock must not have been fed any meat by-products or growth hormones.  We do not accept any livestock that cannot walk on their own or that are deceased.  We have adequte facilities to hold livestock with fresh water, feed, and roughage.  All meat will be dressed, chilled, and custom cut to your standards.  Please let us know how you want your meat processed so we can assure that you do get those custom cuts.  All animals are processed separately and we track the carcasses throughout the process to assure that you get the animal that you dropped off. Please see "Custom Processing" for a sample cutting order and prices.