Welcome to Huses Country Meats!

Huse's Country Meats is a family owned Meat Processing Facility specializing in quality smoked meats.  We sell and distribute our Huse's Country Style Summer Sausage and our Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage locally.  We are very excited to soon launch our new line of smoked meats.  As well as making quality smoked meats, we also offer custom beef, pork, lamb, goat and sheep processing.

Where We Started

At Huse's Country Meats, our expertise is based on quality and experience. In 1957, DJ Huse owned a local grocery store in Malone,TX.  He was not satisfied with the quality of meat he was providing to his customers and decided to begin slaughtering and selling his own beef.  People were so pleased with the quality of beef DJ was providing that they began asking him to slaughter their livestock.  It wasn't long before he decided to close the grocery store and open a full-time slaughter facility.  In 1976 DJ decided to retire and his son Randy took over the company.  In 1996 our facility underwent a few renovations and we became a USDA inspected facility.